"אימתי קאתי מר? לכשיפוצו מעיינותך חוצה"

About Us


The Rebbe illuminated the Torah with hundreds of sichos kodesh over the course of forty years. Countless hours were invested to ensure that the sichos were accurately transcribed so that they could be distributed to the masses- yafutzu maayanosecha chutzah.'

The distribution of the Rebbe’s holy sichos to communities across the globe brought tremendous nachas to the Rebbe. Those who facilitated these efforts were showered with blessings and accolades.

Likras Shabbos

Sixteen years ago, with the publishing of the first Likras Shabbos publication, the founders of the organization embarked on an ambitious mission to further extend the light and holiness of sichos kodesh to hundreds of thousands of Jews in all four corners of the world.

They determined that the reason that the teachings of chassidus were not more widespread was merely a technical dilemma. They set out to resolve that issue and to expand the reach of the learning materials further and wider than had been previously thought possible.

The absence of approachable and familiar chassidus sefarim and materials in batei midrash had many Yeshiva students, kollel yungerman, talmidei chachamim and businessmen oblivious to the world of knowledge and depth that chassidus brings to Torah. Limited availability of sefarim, coupled with the added challenge of complex, revolutionary ideas ensconced in a language and structure that differed from their usual style of learning , kept the Rebbe’s Torah out of reach for the general public.

Likras Shabbos stepped up to fill this tremendous void. The kuntres adapts the sichos of the Rebbe to be appealing and palatable to various diverse communities. The weekly publication propels sichos kodesh past the daled amos of Tomchei Temim, Crown Heights and Kfar Chabad. Likras Shabbos ensures that a yeshiva bochur in Lakewood, a kollel avreich in Ponovich, a chassid in WIllliamsburg or a Jew in Paraguay- really, the entire Jewish people- have easy access to the Rebbe’s holy teachings.

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