"אימתי קאתי מר? לכשיפוצו מעיינותך חוצה"


Likras Shabbos

Likras Shabbos is a weekly publication, written in hebrew, filled with Chassidic insights and inspiration gleaned from Parshas Hashavua. Tens of thousands of pamphlets are printed weekly and distributed in thousands of shuls and yeshivos in many diverse communities around the world. Click here to learn more about Likras Shabbos.



The Daily Lightpoints is a daily publication, written in english , distributed both in print and digitally to the 10,000 subscribers. Lightpoints promises to infuse your hectic daily routine with inspiration, light and meaning. Click here to learn more about Lightpoints.

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Shabbos Light

Weekly inspiration and direction in, English coming, to a shul near you!

Shabbos Lights is a combination of Light Points the wildly popular Sichos of the Rebbe on the Parsha written in a clear and concise, format and Life Points - a letter from the Rebbe containing relevant practical, and illuminating life lessons.


Our Publications

In addition to our daily and weekly publications, Or HaChassidus has published a variety of sefarim. The books cover a range of topics and, from beginners to the more learned, there is something for everyone. Visit to view our complete selection.

Or HaChassidus has one goal. To bring the light of Chassidus to anyone who seeks to learn it. Regardless of your learning background or time restraints, Or HaChassidus has something for you to learn and enjoy.

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